On faith, biceps and Spanish lessons… in Aberdeen!!!

It’s almost Friday, I am nearing the end of the most wonderful week with my dear friend & unparalleled Ashtanga Yoga teacher Sarah Hatcher.
She moved to Aberdeen with her husband Tim and not long after they were pregnant!
I am feeling very very blessed to have had this time with her, *right* before the baby arrives ~ there is a lot of magic in the air and as always so much beauty, grace, strength and presence.
This week has taught me *so much*…
Sarah is now *9 months pregnant* she could have her baby any day!
But don’t let that fool you ~ as always, Sarah took me to the edge of the earth this week, and back again.
I have been reminded of so many old lessons this practice has taught me along the way as well as finding *even more* magic in there that has given me more faith than ever before…
The biggest light bulb moment came literally on day 1…
Only 1 hour on my mat and I was already challenged beyond my expectations.
The next morning I could feel every muscle in my body saying ‘hello’!
I asked myself, how am I going to get through this week?! Then yesterday is when it really hit me, I was pulling from every resource I had and the physical challenge left me feeling more humble than ever!
But here I am, 4 days later, itching to get on my mat tomorrow morning for one last dose of Mrs Hatcher before I leave.
How? Faith, belief, showing up and getting on with it.
I truly believe that without this powerful faith I have for the Ashtanga method I would not be growing and learning the way that I am.
This practice is not about achieving a pose or getting to a certain point.
The poses are just there to help you see more.
Weather you can ‘do’ it or not, the postures, the breath, the bandhas… it’s all medicine that leads us to change in some way, on some level.
Next step… change comes… and that change can be *really* uncomfortable! When it manifests as physical pain we doubt the practice (just like many other kinds of change) and we sometimes choose not to take the medicine anymore.
It has been my experience that when we stop the practice (stop taking the medicine), the learning stops, the growth stops and we’re back in our comfort zone… often sleeping our way through life.
Ignorance is bliss right?
But waking up is where the euphoria is!
What am I trying to say here…?
Have faith. Stay with it. Show up. It WILL change again… just like the hard times came in, the good times will come back also.
It is a never ending show of expansion and contraction. Building up and letting go. Mastering it and being humbled.
That’s why it works and that’s why we do it!
What’s more, with this faith and dedication I have been rewarded with so many gifts this week.
I have recently really narrowed my sights on a few projects for over the next few months when I am here to cover Sarah… in short…
I asked for ways to build more STRENGTH… I am given enough to keep me huffing and puffing on my mat for the next 10 years!
I asked for time to chant the SUTRAS… Sarah and I chanted through books 1, 2 and 3 AND I recorded them to take home 🙂
I asked for a way to learn SPANISH and fast! One of the students here would like to offer me Spanish classes!!!
I asked for a way to offer JUICE for a potential juice feast week while I am here… I am talking to an organic cafe about how we can make that happen!
I asked for a way to get more DANCING in my life… The studio owner leads 5 rhythms classes here in Aberdeen! I will be dancing for sure!
I asked for more MUSIC in my life… I am already finding more and more instruments around me, not to mention opportunities to sing and share mantras and songs!

The secret is this… Not only to ask and so you shall receive…
There’s more to it than that.
You ask. Yes.
It comes to you. Yes.
It is then UP TO YOU TO TAKE IT!
Don’t just stand there and hope that it will be integrated into your life by itself.
Grab a hold of what you are being offered and run with it!

I hope this has been as inspiring as I intended it to be…
I am not even going to read it back or edit it!
I just had to write this straight from my heart while I am feeling it *so strongly*!

Ok, now wish me luck for my last day with Sarah… I sure hope my wee biceps can take it!

What a beautiful week, gracias Sarah!



One thought on “On faith, biceps and Spanish lessons… in Aberdeen!!!

  1. Sarah Hatcher says:

    Love you dear Susan! So nice to have a week with you on the mat and spreading your bright light around us and in our home. Baby Hatcher will have you as a great friend when he arrives! Xx

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