Dining RAW at The Timberyard, Edinburgh

Before I say anything… do not skip reading this blog without first scrolling down to check out the pics from our date night this past May…  the photographs really are the best part and kinda tells the story for themselves…

And YES, I am going back next weekend for my sisters birthday 🙂 YIPEE!

One of the questions I get asked the most is, “Don’t you miss going out for diner?”…
Clearly a lot of people assume that since I eat mainly raw fruits and veggies nuts and seeds I stay home and never go out and/or think most chefs will turn their nose up at me (yes, the truth is that has happened a few times no names mentioned)…

For me, the sign of a REALLY great chef and restaurant, is not only their willingness but more so, their excitement when it comes to making food for someone like me…
So, where is that place and does it even exist!?
The answer is *YES*, it does, you just have to be bold and ask.

I recently found my number 1 in Edinburgh..
The Timberyard Restaurant, behind the big red doors on Lady Lawson Street 🙂
I’d been here before, for drinks only and I had also *watched* my family eat here many times (before I was bold enough to ask).
Every time I went I was impressed by their skillful food preparation, keen eye for all the details and most of all their unique sourcing of … well, everything really; ingredients through to tables and chairs.

Recently my partner was visiting me from over seas and it seemed rude not to take him here, it’s just too good for the regular, cooked food eating/meat eater to miss out on.
So, this visit, I called them up in advance and very politely and with out any grand expectations told them I’d like to come and dine with him but I’d like to order a plain salad and would that be okay…?
Ha! I was in for a seriously big surprise.
To start this magical experience, the lovely chappy at the other end of the phone tells me “of course, no problem”…
But he doesn’t stop there, he asks me, what exactly can I eat (i.e. why cannot I not just order their food?!)
I go on to prepare him…
“well, it’s pretty strange, so bare with me, and please, don’t worry I just want to go here so my partner can experience your menu, a salad for me is just fine…”
But, he persists and so I reveal all.
Here’s what I gave him: 100% RAW fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds *only*
Without a second of hesitation he says, okay Susan (Yup, he remembered my name), I’ll talk to the chef and let you know what he says.
5 minutes later I get a call back, “Chef wants to know if cold pressed oils are okay…?”
I tell him, in shock and delight… “yes absolutely and thank you!”.
I also add “Please don’t be mad or think I am crazy when you see me drinking whisky!”
He laughs and tells me that doesn’t sound crazy at all 😉

So, our special night comes around, we head down there excited to see what magic they pull out the bag.
 … Did I mention the Timberyard play forest sounds, waterfall noises and animal callings in the toilets so you can really chill out into your restroom experience… now you see why WeeYogi likes this place already! 😉
Now then, back to that night…
We are greeted by one of the lovely friendly staff.
We are escorted to a huge table right by the bar 🙂 I am smiling ear to ear, in fact, everyone is including the glass polisher at the end of the bar!
Since I called in advance, I don’t order anything. Instead I just take in the atmosphere… oh and get to work on ordering the drinks.
My dinner date takes his time choosing from the amazing selection of locally sourced and combined dishes.
It’s a difficult task, everything sounds too good to be true, all… ‘carefully sourced from local artisan growers, breeders, producers, suppliers & foragers. To name a few, Sea Magee, Shaws Butchers, Briggs Shetland Lamb, George Campbell & Sons, Burnside Farmfoods, Greencity Wholefoods, Peelham Farm, Phantassie Organics & Forage & Funghi…’
Finally, we’re ready to go… let the games begin!

If only I’d have taken a recording of the beautiful descriptions of all the dishes as they came.
I was blown away. Speechless at the care and effort.
This was a seriously special evening.

I am so grateful to the staff at The Timberyard

1) I felt at ease all night 🙂
2) They were interested not annoyed at my requirements.
3) I felt special, in a good way. They made a real effort.
4) My date was also super happy with his meal and in honor of that magic… here’s a peak at what he ate too…

So, as you can see, neither of us were left high and dry.
The Timberyard rocks! Go check them out, (oh, and listen carefully when you go for a pee ;))
Long live & may the magic prosper, behind the big red door!


One thought on “Dining RAW at The Timberyard, Edinburgh

  1. Suzy Gow says:

    Oh my god – your meal looks amazing!! They should put that on the menu – or as a weekly special. I’ve been meaning to check out this restaurant but I thought they were more about ‘game’ and odd cuts of meat (and organs and weird things). You may have to warn them that they may be getting more requests like yours 😀

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