Finding faith in the wee small hours

I’ve been getting up at 3:30 since I turned 30 making my way to Love Yoga, Aberdeen every morning.

I am currently covering Sarah Hatchers morning Mysore program here.
Class starts time ~ 6:30am.

I wake up, I cycle to town, I practice, I teach.
By 9am I am ready to get home and drink a giant green juice and take a long nap (which I am still trying to master! I never was a ‘napper’!!).
I practice before the students in order to use that first divine drop of life force everyday, to cultivate a mindful, practice that brings about health and happiness, which I can pass on to others. My practice is also so important to me as I maintain my physical body while teaching a particularly physical style of yoga teaching.
In these wee small hours I have discovered Aladdin’s cave… I have had the chance to explore parts of myself only possible when you put yourself in a melting pot like this.
Ahh, the revelations…

  • Getting up at 3:30am is magical, it’s a time when there is literally magic in the air… and very few cars on the road too, which adds to this magic as I fly from home to studio in just 9 minutes 🙂
  • Solitary self practice for extended periods is not only possible but extremely potent. There is something about hauling your own ass on the mat every day, digging deep by yourself and exploring alone that makes the discoveries sometimes all the more rewarding and long lasting.

I also learned…

  • The more you say something to your students, the more you’ll understand it yourself. I want to laugh out loud every time I’ve said ‘move-forwards’ this month (Sarah Hatcher, you’ll laugh at that one :))!
  • The sooner I start to physically do the stuff I say to others myself, the sooner I will indeed, MOVE FORWARDS! Sounds obvious but really, relying on someone else to tell you this every day doesn’t change the habit of (what may have been) a life time. It is so true when people say, you teach what you need to learn most yourself. I am deep gratitude for that.
  • I have more inner strength, belief and faith than I realised. Being apart from loved ones is tough sometimes. It requires you to have a kind of faith that comes from way down within you. It does exist, you just have to uncover it. Somehow! Being forced into it is a great way to find out how ~ fast! Or, the alternative… Be unhappy in your now-ness which is as you can guess, not fun at all!

So, it’s been a marvellous first month, I am excited to experience these last 4 weeks here before I set sail again for the US!
Already I know i’ll leave Aberdeen a stronger Wee Yogi, and I am not talking about my biceps!


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