I Love You

Love yourself.
At the end of the day, you only have you.
We are not alone in this life… but when it comes to the moment of making a long lasting change….
There is only you to give you the courage to keep going.
Sure, your friends, family & loved ones can always give you words of encouragement from where they are standing.
They can tell you about how they did it, how they pulled through.
Ultimately, only you can take the steps forwards.
Only you can find the faith you require wherever you are, whatever situation.
Only you know how and the answer is inside of you.
I have found that by learning to love myslef and give to myself exactly what I need with what I have around me, I become stronger, happier and so much more grateful.
Loving yourself…
Choose the things that make your heart sing.
Nourish yourself.
Give to yourself.
Follow *your* dream.
Don’t back down.
Have faith.
Falling into love with yourself…
It will open doors.
Clear cobwebs.
Bring you joy.
And that unconditional love for others we all struggle to find when we do not choose to love ourselves.
Wishing you and you and you a blissful New Moon on Saturday, also the beginning of the Mayan Moon Calendar year…
A great opportunity to find the true love you have been looking for… YOU!


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