Susan is back just in time for spring! Is it time you made time for a massage?!!

Greetings everyone ♥

After a beautiful retreat season in Costa Rica, I have returned to Scottish soil for a wee while.

I’ve had a busy few months offering lots of massage and yoga at Finca Mia, retreat center. Many of you might not even know I offered massage (yup, I kept that one quiet)! However, it was so much fun and I was so inspired while away that I have finally decided to officially offer my massages here in Edinburgh too. BUT… I am not sure how long I’ll be in Edinburgh for so catch me while you can!

I’ll be teaching some yoga classes at Meadowlark Yoga and I shall be offering my Swedish and Therapeutic Massage Treatments from the all new ‘Meadowlark Healthy For Sport’ therapy rooms, located right next to Meadowlark Yoga. Perfect! So if you are looking to get some Wee Yogi yoga in and/or a super indulgent massage while I am here, please contact Meadowlark directly to book your spot or appointment: 0131 228 7581

I offer 1 hour, 90 minutes or even 2 HOUR massages! No two treatments are ever the same. I offer a combination of many modalities, it just depends on what your body needs NOW. Here’s a little insight to what a recent client had to say about her treatment…..

“Well your massage was just delightful; I truly had a healing from you Susan, the pressure was just right, your hands got all the good spots! Also I loved the face and abdominal work … you truly made me and my body feel restored to its most natural and stable state…” SH

If you are still unsure, please just drop me an email and we can discuss if my treatments are right for your requirements right now.

Looking forward to seeing some of you on the mat or the ‘table’ (!) soon!

Stay Well & With Love

Your Wee Yogi,
Susan x


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