Update on my current yoga offerings in Edinburgh

Greetings everyone!

I trust you are all reveling in the delights of the spring, the buds bursting, the birds singing… the snow snowing…huh?!?!

The good news is I am sticking around Edinburgh long enough to be able to offer up a few more classes and workshops at Meadowlark.

  • First off I am introducing a delicious 75 minute, Friday evening class titled *TGI Friday* it’s scheduled on the ML timetable for the next 4 weeks…

This class involves an energetic warm up to shake off the week then a subtle wind down, easing you into a more yin/restorative practice that will help you switch gears – leaving you feeling calm, grounded, and ready for the weekend. All levels welcome. Expect sun salutations and a mix of standing poses before a gentle yin/restorative practice involving only seated/reclined poses.

Bookings and more info can be found here…

  • Back by popular demand… I am offering another Yin workshop this month following a sell out class last month.  This event is happening one week post full moon, right slap bang in the middle of the moons waning phase. It’s a great opportunity to connect with this transitional time of the month as we start to feel the pull to turn inwards.

Come and join visiting teacher Susan Reynolds for a yin journey, deep into the restorative aspects of our yoga practice. After spending the past 5 months in the lush mountains of Costa Rica, she is excited to share her latest jungle inspired offering. You will be guided through a deeply nourishing series of yin yoga postures followed by a therapeutic yoga nidra meditation which will open up every cell in your body to the powerful healing quality of ‘psychic sleep’. You will feel inspired to fully let go, deeply rest and restore your life force once more.

Bookings and more info can be found here…

I look forward to seeing you soon ♥

Yours in health and with love

x Susan x


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