About weeyogi

Susan is a full-time yoga teacher. She attended her first class while at University in Edinburgh and was instantly hooked! Susan continued practicing Iyengar yoga daily and eventually Ashtanga Yoga, before she went on to study all kinds of new and unique practices througout India. This did not stop at yoga in it’s physical form (asana). She was curious to explore as many different approaches to health, well-being, movement and evolving as she could which she now draws apon in all of her classes.

In 2005 Susan moved to London to complete The Life Centre’s teacher training with the intention to find a way to pass on the benefits  and transformative nature of yoga practice.

She finds that with smaller classes and personal attention the students achieve maximum progression and a deeper connection to their bodies through regular yoga practice.

From Iyengar to Ashtanga and Dynamic vinyasa yoga… Susan has found her study around the globe as well as years of self practice, helped her develop a deep understanding of the true essence of yoga.  From here she endevours to pass on what she finds most effective in a unique, fun and challenging way.

She believes the most effective way to become connected to your body is through regular practice and patience, leading you to acknowledge and accept the uniqueness of yourself. From here you will always reach your fullest potential.

“Teaching yoga was not something I planned to do. It was more like something that happend to me. I simply started to do what my heart told me to do and what made me feel better than I felt before. Passing this on to others and seeing transformations happen is what keeps me teaching yoga. I insist on doing what connects me to my true self from here life becomes an amazing sequence of events which guides me to where I should be. Allowing this to happen changes your life forever! Now I know if it doesn’t feel right, I shouldn’t be doing it. I have made an internal promise to take full responsibility for where I find myself. It is a great feeling to know that we create our own reality. So, if I find myself in a sticky situation I know I am the only one to blame! Similarly, when someone tells you to be thankful for what you have… it is yourself you should be thanking!”

Marichiasana Variation


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