Juice Feast Options

NEXT FEAST STARTS :: July 7th 2013 – BOOK NOW!

Choose from one of the following Juice Feast options:

Option 1: Juice Simply – £99

Great for… those who have a juicer already.
You can make your own juices at home and use the handout (provided) to play with the recipes and combinations yourself.


  • 7 days of 24 hour support by telephone/text/Facebook or email worth £100’s!
  • 1 weeks supply of pro-biotics – an essential add on to make this juice feast work wonders for your body.
  • 1 weeks supply of high quality, organic, green powder – an essential add on for extra green power and to help out if you are stuck somewhere without a juice!
  • Juice Plan, Ideas & Recipe Information pack to take away with years of experience consolidated into one place!
  • Years of experience to draw upon (…from someone who has really done this themselves, many times)
  • 5 hours of dense ‘live’ information from your hosts Susan & Lorna

Option 2: Juice Easy – £351 (100% ORGANIC)

Great for… those who do not have a juicer and/or the time to juice 4/5 litres of juice per day.
Sit back and allow someone else do the juicing! This juice feast option allows you the mental and physical relief from the preparation of juicing & buying the ingredients. The extra rest will allow the many physiological repair mechanisms of the body have more energy to “clean house.”


  • All the benefits of the ‘Juice Simply’ juice feast.
  • 7 days of Juices made for you.

Add on 2 x Colonic Hydrotherapy sessions for only £100 (normally £65 each) – guaranteed to radically accelerate the healing process, removes headaches, ease the side effects of detox, prevent bloating, lethargy and much much more. HIGHLY recommended. Read More Here…

  • Colonic Hydrotherpy sessions are offered at Cleanse, Hamilton Place, Edinburgh, EH3 5BA, 0131 332 2775. Cleanse is a very modern Holistic Therapy Centre, located in the beautiful Stockbridge area of Edinburgh, and was established in 2007 to specialise in Colon Hydrotherapy (also known as colonic irrigation).  We have 3 Colon Hydrotherapists with over 20yrs experience between them and 2 rooms dedicated to this ever popular treatment.  Having a clean and correctly functioning colon aids the body to rid itself or food and body waste and it should be able to maintain the delicate balance of friendly bacteria in the gut which can easily be disturbed by stress, pollution, smoking, processed foods etc.
    Cleanse is very pleased to be collaborating with Twist & Sprout as the benefits of Juice Feasting along with Colon Hydrotherapy can be amazing.  Cleanse is offering a special introductory rate exclusively for people partaking in the Juice Feast.

    More info…



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