What is the timetable?

Friday 10th May 5pm – 6pm
LIVE JUICING MEETUP – Watch the juice being made, drink the juice & meet your host!
All participants will meetup at HULA juice bar on Victoria Street, Edinburgh for a live juicing demo. This is a chance to meet fellow juicers and become orientated for juice collection the following morning if that is the package you have chosen.

Saturday 11th May 1:30pm – 3:30pm
Juice Feasting: The Basics & how to do it!
All participants will meetup (Location TBC – will be in central Edinburgh). The talk covers everything you need to know to do this. You will also collect your other supplies which are included in all the juice feasts. A large juice will be provided but please eat something light or better still have a juice in the morning so you’re not starving hungry by this point

Wednesday 15th May 4pm-5pm
All participants will meetup. Come and ask questions, catch up and share your experience so far.

Friday 19th May 1:30- 3:30pm
Includes a ‘what now?’ session.
All participants will meetup. Time to re-build! Now for some guidance on what to eat and what more can we do to maximize our health and well-being as you complete your feast – i.e. what’s next?


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