Juicy Testimonials

“Thanks for a very fun, insightful, and interesting afternoon… I enjoyed that you gave some background/theory to the importance of cleansing, which was very understandable and relatable. I especially liked setting an intention. This was a very focusing way to start the afternoon.  When we actually made the juice it was a good mix of group chat and one on one question time with you.”

“Thank you so much… It was so inspiring, and informative, and really interesting and I learnt so much.”

“Thanks… i really enjoyed it and although i have been juicing for some time there is so much i don’t know, so i found yesterday interesting and fun.  I was slightly nervous when the paper and pens came out and it looked like there might be a group exercise but my fears were for nothing, the ‘intention’ exercise was a really nice thing to do and helped to give a focus and allowed a little ‘selfish’ time to really think about myself.”

“Thank you for the workshop!! All the info, tips, and hands on juicing and tasting really helped me wrap my head around everything and get a push-start for the week :)”

“Thanks for a lovely start to the juice feast… I’m loving all your support… I thought ur talk was interesting warm and informative. I love how inclusive you’re being… I also really love the intention setting. Things like that really work for me and I know will keep me motivated if it gets tough.”

“Just want to say a massive thank you again for doing the juice workshop on Sunday. I found it very inspiring and I went away and ordered myself the blender you suggested online… I think the workshop was really perfect. Starting off with writing why we were really there was very important because once you start to dig a bit deeper, the truth comes up… The information you gave was great because you really explained the basics of why to do a juice feast without getting too scientific about it. It was good just to keep it really simple I think… The juicing session at the end was nice to bring everyone together and also show how easy it is to use the machine, if you have never used one before, as they can look a bit daunting. Also it was really generous of you to let everyone try your superfoods so thank you again and I think everyone really enjoyed and appreciated your willingness to share.”

“I love that I was able to just stop some really harmful food habits right in the middle of a highly stressful period; I always figured I’d have to take a week out and do nothing while cutting out caffeine or dairy or whatever, but in a way, it’s shown me I can handle lots of things at once! So glad to have had your awesome guidance and insights; I never would have thought of launching into any of this otherwise. Hopefully, my new ‘tastes’ will become permanent!”

“I really really whole-heartedly hope that each and every one of you will take the time and effort to do something so profound and nurturing for your bodies, health and beauty like a juice feast! Cleaning your body this way and detoxing from all the rubbish that we ingest (like bread, starches, meat, gluten, stress, negative thoughts etc) makes you think about food, health and sense of life while you jump around with an abundance of energy and smiles! Love goes out to you all but especially to Susan for tremendous inspiration”

“Juicy week has been so amazing. I feel great, I’ve met lovely peeps this week and had so many fabby practices. Big thanks for inspiring me to do it.”



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