After many years practicing yoga and receiving various types of massage and body work Susan decided it was time she trained as a massage therapist. It had always been a calling for her; she knew she could adapt the traditional Swedish routine she learned in massage school, to the needs of any one. By combining the techniques she’d picked up over the years through her yoga career and receiving body work herself Susan is confident she can work with you to find a treatment to suit your body, now.

Treatments can include oil based, relaxing Swedish massage techniques, deep tissue massage techniques (working more directly on problem areas), myofascia release techniques and deeply healing cranial work. Therapies such as Swedish, Therapuetic and Deep Tissue Massage are received with minimal clothing, on a comfortable massage table and using organic cold pressed massage oil.

Susan also offers ‘Yoga-sage’, which is a combination of yoga stretches and pressure massage technique to help encourage deep openings and release in the body. This is most often offered after Susan has met you in a yoga class and has a better understanding of your body, now. The ‘Yoga-sage’ is received fully clothed, usually on thick mats on the floor.

Please contact Susan directly to discuss your personal requirements.


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