Finding faith in the wee small hours

I’ve been getting up at 3:30 since I turned 30 making my way to Love Yoga, Aberdeen every morning.

I am currently covering Sarah Hatchers morning Mysore program here.
Class starts time ~ 6:30am.

I wake up, I cycle to town, I practice, I teach.
By 9am I am ready to get home and drink a giant green juice and take a long nap (which I am still trying to master! I never was a ‘napper’!!).
I practice before the students in order to use that first divine drop of life force everyday, to cultivate a mindful, practice that brings about health and happiness, which I can pass on to others. My practice is also so important to me as I maintain my physical body while teaching a particularly physical style of yoga teaching.
In these wee small hours I have discovered Aladdin’s cave… I have had the chance to explore parts of myself only possible when you put yourself in a melting pot like this.
Ahh, the revelations…

  • Getting up at 3:30am is magical, it’s a time when there is literally magic in the air… and very few cars on the road too, which adds to this magic as I fly from home to studio in just 9 minutes 🙂
  • Solitary self practice for extended periods is not only possible but extremely potent. There is something about hauling your own ass on the mat every day, digging deep by yourself and exploring alone that makes the discoveries sometimes all the more rewarding and long lasting.

I also learned…

  • The more you say something to your students, the more you’ll understand it yourself. I want to laugh out loud every time I’ve said ‘move-forwards’ this month (Sarah Hatcher, you’ll laugh at that one :))!
  • The sooner I start to physically do the stuff I say to others myself, the sooner I will indeed, MOVE FORWARDS! Sounds obvious but really, relying on someone else to tell you this every day doesn’t change the habit of (what may have been) a life time. It is so true when people say, you teach what you need to learn most yourself. I am deep gratitude for that.
  • I have more inner strength, belief and faith than I realised. Being apart from loved ones is tough sometimes. It requires you to have a kind of faith that comes from way down within you. It does exist, you just have to uncover it. Somehow! Being forced into it is a great way to find out how ~ fast! Or, the alternative… Be unhappy in your now-ness which is as you can guess, not fun at all!

So, it’s been a marvellous first month, I am excited to experience these last 4 weeks here before I set sail again for the US!
Already I know i’ll leave Aberdeen a stronger Wee Yogi, and I am not talking about my biceps!


New Moon ~ Finding our flow…

Today’s new moon is inviting you to find your flow.
This moon lands in the sign of cancer… cancer is a water sign that reminds us to take care of our bodies by drawing upon the powerfully healing element of water, with in and without…

This is a potent time to set an intention which honors your personal need to flow and just *BE*.
The full moon will be with us again in 2 weeks, between now and then consider this as a daily practice.
~ Be with the flow ~

Speaking of the full moon in 2 weeks…
I wanted to share with you some exciting events I am offering in Aberdeen placed right on time for the next phase of our moon.

This cycle is all about flow… so why not increase the ease and flowing your life with a complete re-boot?

Wee Yogi Juice Feast, ABERDEEN, click here for more info.
Sunday 13th – Saturday 19th July 2014
Join Susan for 7 days of juice feasting that will clear your mind and cleanse your body. Guaranteed.
Susan will guide you through this 7 day program designed to increase your energy levels, detox your body & leave you feeling great.
Make your own juice at home or have it all provided for you by Food Story Cafe right here in Aberdeen!
Advice & direction is given for those who’d rather to play with recipes and combinations themselves at home.
WeeYogi Juice Feast is supported by Food Story Cafe
Enjoy 7 days of easy juicing provided for you, made fresh, daily.
Food Story Cafe are ready to supply you with 5 different juices per day ~ discover new and exciting recipes everyday!

Full Moon Yin Flow
Saturday 12th July, 10am – 12noon
Enjoy the mid-summer new moon with this deeply relaxing and restorative yoga class.
We will finish with a long and nourishing yoga nidra (psychic sleep).
This 2 hour workshop is suitable for all levels
£25 (£20 for Wee Yogi Juice Feast participants).
Contact Love Yoga to book your spot:

Vinyasa Fusion Detox Flow
Saturday 19th July, 10am – 12 noon
Dive deep into a detoxifying flow that will revitalize every cell in your body.
We will discover the true meaning of kryia yoga with asana (postures and pranayama (breathing techniques that will clear your mind and cleanse your body.
No stone will be left unturned before we arrive 2 hours later in a restorative savasana.
This 2 hour workshop is suitable for all levels
£25 (£20 for Wee Yogi Juice Feast participants).
Contact Love Yoga to book your spot:

 Juice Feast Poster July 2014

Full Moon Yin Flow

Vinyasa Fusion Detox Flow

Be well & with love

Dining RAW at The Timberyard, Edinburgh

Before I say anything… do not skip reading this blog without first scrolling down to check out the pics from our date night this past May…  the photographs really are the best part and kinda tells the story for themselves…

And YES, I am going back next weekend for my sisters birthday 🙂 YIPEE!

One of the questions I get asked the most is, “Don’t you miss going out for diner?”…
Clearly a lot of people assume that since I eat mainly raw fruits and veggies nuts and seeds I stay home and never go out and/or think most chefs will turn their nose up at me (yes, the truth is that has happened a few times no names mentioned)…

For me, the sign of a REALLY great chef and restaurant, is not only their willingness but more so, their excitement when it comes to making food for someone like me…
So, where is that place and does it even exist!?
The answer is *YES*, it does, you just have to be bold and ask.

I recently found my number 1 in Edinburgh..
The Timberyard Restaurant, behind the big red doors on Lady Lawson Street 🙂
I’d been here before, for drinks only and I had also *watched* my family eat here many times (before I was bold enough to ask).
Every time I went I was impressed by their skillful food preparation, keen eye for all the details and most of all their unique sourcing of … well, everything really; ingredients through to tables and chairs.

Recently my partner was visiting me from over seas and it seemed rude not to take him here, it’s just too good for the regular, cooked food eating/meat eater to miss out on.
So, this visit, I called them up in advance and very politely and with out any grand expectations told them I’d like to come and dine with him but I’d like to order a plain salad and would that be okay…?
Ha! I was in for a seriously big surprise.
To start this magical experience, the lovely chappy at the other end of the phone tells me “of course, no problem”…
But he doesn’t stop there, he asks me, what exactly can I eat (i.e. why cannot I not just order their food?!)
I go on to prepare him…
“well, it’s pretty strange, so bare with me, and please, don’t worry I just want to go here so my partner can experience your menu, a salad for me is just fine…”
But, he persists and so I reveal all.
Here’s what I gave him: 100% RAW fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds *only*
Without a second of hesitation he says, okay Susan (Yup, he remembered my name), I’ll talk to the chef and let you know what he says.
5 minutes later I get a call back, “Chef wants to know if cold pressed oils are okay…?”
I tell him, in shock and delight… “yes absolutely and thank you!”.
I also add “Please don’t be mad or think I am crazy when you see me drinking whisky!”
He laughs and tells me that doesn’t sound crazy at all 😉

So, our special night comes around, we head down there excited to see what magic they pull out the bag.
 … Did I mention the Timberyard play forest sounds, waterfall noises and animal callings in the toilets so you can really chill out into your restroom experience… now you see why WeeYogi likes this place already! 😉
Now then, back to that night…
We are greeted by one of the lovely friendly staff.
We are escorted to a huge table right by the bar 🙂 I am smiling ear to ear, in fact, everyone is including the glass polisher at the end of the bar!
Since I called in advance, I don’t order anything. Instead I just take in the atmosphere… oh and get to work on ordering the drinks.
My dinner date takes his time choosing from the amazing selection of locally sourced and combined dishes.
It’s a difficult task, everything sounds too good to be true, all… ‘carefully sourced from local artisan growers, breeders, producers, suppliers & foragers. To name a few, Sea Magee, Shaws Butchers, Briggs Shetland Lamb, George Campbell & Sons, Burnside Farmfoods, Greencity Wholefoods, Peelham Farm, Phantassie Organics & Forage & Funghi…’
Finally, we’re ready to go… let the games begin!

If only I’d have taken a recording of the beautiful descriptions of all the dishes as they came.
I was blown away. Speechless at the care and effort.
This was a seriously special evening.

I am so grateful to the staff at The Timberyard

1) I felt at ease all night 🙂
2) They were interested not annoyed at my requirements.
3) I felt special, in a good way. They made a real effort.
4) My date was also super happy with his meal and in honor of that magic… here’s a peak at what he ate too…

So, as you can see, neither of us were left high and dry.
The Timberyard rocks! Go check them out, (oh, and listen carefully when you go for a pee ;))
Long live & may the magic prosper, behind the big red door!


Today, summer solstice, we set clear intentions for the next 1/2 circuit of our forever giving sun.
It’s unconditional love is here to serve us.
I’m grateful to those beautiful people who came to join me at Love Yoga today!
We sweated our prayers, chanted to stoke the fire some more.
To finish, a blast of cacao, raw chocolate power to send us on our way!

Summer Solstice Handout

Full Moon ~ Riding on the tiger!


Full Moon Blessings to all…
YES! I am choosing to call in the strength of the divine feminine today!
Every day has the potential to mark your opening to truth.
So why not make it today?
Dream big!
Align with your truth!
Be open to making the changes that set you free on the path to *who you REALLY are*  and *where you came from*…
LOVE who that is, believe that you can make it through the challenges, embrace your beautiful self and you can only fly high!

This fun girl likes fungis in her Elixirs, here's how…

This month I have been blessed with the opportunity to re-introduce some old reliable plants into my daily elixirs.
While traveling it is not always easy to get hold of various medicinal mushrooms and tonic herbs.
Not that I am complaining at all! While spending time in the tropics and then later on in New York State, I took advantage of the many other naturally growing native plants within my reach.
Now back in Edinburgh I hunted out a highly recommended supplier for tonic herbs and superfoods while I don’t have great access to such things…
Hybrid Herbs were the first to pop up on my radar after some very careful & specific searching so I thought I’d give them a go.
Wow – am I am glad I did!!!
As you probably know by now a huge part of my lifestyle is to integrate medicinal plants and mushrooms, most commonly via a delicious medium I like to call a chocolate elixir.
Chocolate is the perfect delivery system for almost all medicinals… it stimulates your mind body and spirit all while it dilates your circulatory and respiratory systems, it truly opens you up to receive the goodness that is available!
Cacao alone is enough to call my hot brews ‘Elixirs’…
However, once you start adding extracts of healing and life giving tonic herbs and mushrooms, these ELIXIRS go to the next level!
The 4 medicinals I chose were all ones I had tried before… I had a good idea about what to expect if they were of high quality.
Some of them are slow acting for example the cordyceps are something I feel over a period of time, it almost feels like a slow increase in vital energy.
Reishi and Chaga are similar, especially since I don’t have any big health issues, I usually feel the injection of vitality after a week of use. I believe if you did have something more serious going on, you would see/feel the effects a lot sooner.
For me, Fo-ti/He Shou Wu is the one with the most immediate effect… almost instantly I feel my mood elated 10 fold and I can get quite giggly 🙂 not to be taken in large doses before teaching yoga, as I discovered last weekend 😉
I stared by experimenting with one medicinal per elixir, later on adding the others to the same brew.
That way you can observe what each does to you as you add it in there.
Trust the process, yourself, your intuition and the plants will be happy to help.
It is slower than taking a pill or a tablet when it comes to effects, you might not feel it right away, or maybe you will…
I have listed the general benefits below and you can read more if it sounds interesting to you.
Keep in mind, they all have their own plan once they get into us so they will work on you differently too I am sure. I love that mushrooms and plants are here to help us, we just have to sit back and let them do their work.
Before I go, here’s a basic elixir recipe (posted here many times before I am sure!) … you can add the medicine as you see fit, one at a time or combining them to make your own special brew.

Elixir Base
1 large mug of a tea of your choice (I enjoy chai tea for a base liquid or something sweet with licorice) or just plain hot water (not boiling)
1-2 teaspoons coconut oil
3-4 dates (medjool are best!)
1/2 teaspoon vanilla powder
2 table spoons raw cacao powder
(Add 1 table spoon of honey or maple if you like it sweeter)
Optional extras before the other medicinals…
1-2 teaspoons maca powder
1-2 teaspoons lucuma powder
1-2 teaspoons mesquite powder
NOW, add your mushrooms and tonic herbs, slowly, start with 1/2 teaspoon then gradually build up!
Blend in the vitamix until smooth and creamy!
Serve in your favorite drinking receptacle
Enjoy alone or with friends and look forward to the next one… you know you;re on to a good thing when you can’t wait for the next one 😉

The boys at Hybrid Herbs are super kind, welcoming and informative. They know what they are talking about and have a one t one relationship with all of their customers if they ask for it.
I can highly recommend their products to you, especially the He Shou Wu if your up for a giggle 😉 their Reishi is pretty bad ass too 🙂 in fact… try them all, have fun! Play! Enjoy!

The Benefits Of Cordyceps Sinensis 
  • Increases energy
  • Strengthens the body and mind
  • Helps the body to adapt to stress
  • A profound lung tonic
  • A powerful athletic tonic
  • Useful to those recovering from illness
  • Helps the body fight to viruses, bacteria and fungi
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Promotes sound sleep

More about this powerful medicinal from Hybrid Herbs

Reported Benefits Of Reishi Mushroom
  • Improving the healthy functioning of the immune system
  • Stress relieving (known as the supreme spirit herb in Asia)
  • Promoting a sense of peace and wellbeing
  • Cleansing of the liver
  • Anti-viral, Anti-Candida, Anti-Fungal, Anti-Microbial
  • Used to build wisdom, creativity, concentration and memory
  • Calming of the nerves
  • Energy boosting
  • Anti-Inflammatory

More about the healing aspects of Reishi from Hybrid Herbs

The Health Benefits Of Chaga Mushroom
  • Protective against DNA damage (Extremely rich in Antioxidants)
  • Promotes healthy hair, nails and skin
  • Strengthens the immune system to fight disease
  • Supports the healthy functioning of the liver (Hepatoprotective)
  • Used to fight various forms of cancer
  • Eliminates viruses (Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Fungal, Anti-Viral)
  • Anti-inflammatory and Pain Relieving
  • Purifies and cleanses the blood
  • Increases energy and wellbeing

More about the health benefits of Chaga mushroom from Hybrid Herbs

The Suggested Benefits Of Fo- Ti (He Shou Wu)
  • The premier anti-aging tonic in Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Used to eliminate grey hair and restore the natural colour of the hair
  • Protects and restores hair quality and texture
  • Calming of the nervous system
  • An extremely potent fertility agent
  • Nourishes and tonifies the Liver and Kidney
  • Improves functioning of the adrenal glands
  • Promotes deep, restful sleep

More information on He Shou Wu, a potent tonic herb from Hybrid Herbs


When Yoga Meets Sound…‏

Friends & Family! It is time for an exciting News Flash!
I am back in Edinburgh for 3 weeks.
When I am passing through I always love and look forward to teaching at Meadowlark!
This time I have some seriously exciting new choices on the menu for you.
***If you have practiced vinyasa yoga with me before, you’ll already know I love my music!***
I hope you can make it to one or all of these events I am bringing for the first time in collaboration with Shawn DeRyder.
Offering yoga with LIVE MUSIC has been a dream of mine for a long time… now that vision has become a reality!


You will find all of these classes on the full timetable. They can be booked singly or using  regular workshop/class passes!
Spaces are limited to 10-20 per class
Make sure you search for the correct date…

For Yoga classes with Susan and Shawn GO HERE
For Sound Baths with Shawn GO HERE

These events are not to be missed! Get ready for some transformational sounds and flow!
Finally, if you’d like a taster of some of Shawn’s incredible sounds…

Shawn is a inspired individual hailing from the hills of New York State. When he is not chopping firewood or carrying drinking water, he wields a set of powerfully healing tools, his instruments….. He’s traveled far and wide to find instruments for restoring health and relieving pain. One of them is a didgeridoo from Queensland, Austrailia. The didgeridoo has been used as a healing tool by Aboriginal Australians for at least 40,000 years. They healed broken bones, muscle tears and illnesses of every kind with their enigmatic musical instrument. Another is a Native American flute, an instrument know to transport people into an oasis of calmness, serenity and introspection. It does this by evoking a deep listening and a state of heightened awareness within the subject.