Bio: Susan

… breathing, sitting , sleeping & singing,
Spring water, leafy greens, raw cacao, building strength & laughing so hard your tummy hurts,
Smiles, organic, Chinese blossom, cello, coconut water,
Learning, triangles, pedaling, discovering, music, dancing & tiny wonders,
Algae, bee pollen, ripe fruit, herbal teas & super foods.
Sun, telescopes, teaching, wooden utensils, apples, almond butter, apples + almond butter together, yum.
Autumn, eagles, clearing out drawers, climbing, the unexpected, giving & family.
Fresh air, spontaneity, friends, berries, Now…. Truth….. & Love.

I practice what I preach.

Yoga is a way of life, it should always be unique, fun and challenging; enriched with health and love.

Practice, be patient.
Acknowledge and accept the uniqueness of yourself.
Recognize your potential.