The wee yogi effect ™


“Susan’s classes have such a great vibe and she is a very knowledgeable teacher. Her classes fill me up on so many levels. Her return to Edinburgh is for sure our gain. Looking forward to the next term of fun adjustments and flow…”
Denise Steyn,
Business Owner

“In the last 5 years Susan has transformed my yoga practise through her inspiring guidance and expertise. Through the dynamic flow of her Shiva Rae inspired classes you can expect to be challenged boldly and adjusted lovingly. She describes the sequences often with humour and a surprising turn of phrase to ensure the classes stay fresh and engaging. She is a compassionate and devoted teacher who steadfastly believes in her students’ potential even when they don’t…”
Antoinette Ross,
Business Consultant
Withinsight Coaching and Training

“I had 1 – 2 – 1 pregnancy yoga tuition from Susan at home when I was expecting my daughter last year. It was invaluable and really helped to keep me moving during a difficult pregnancy. I would highly recommend it. Now that I am trying to regain my post baby physique, I still have 1 – 2 – 1 classes with Susan, during which she puts me through my paces! I have found her sessions excellent for weight loss, and for improving my stamina and fitness. She is a supportive and motivational teacher…”
Helen Watts,

“Susan brings a positive energy to the class when instructing, she is fun to learn with and really helps you to understand practise. She is one of the best teachers i’ve ever had, and it’s mainly thanks to her that i am considering teaching myself and have enrolled in a yoga course! Thanks so much Susan…”
Roisin Scott
Day Centre Officer

“Susan’s teaching style is like a breath of fresh air – her approach to yoga is completely inspiring, challenging and fun.  She has helped me develop my practice more than I ever thought possible and her sense of humour and positivity are completely infectious!  I couldn’t recommend her classes more for any level of budding yogi…”
Emma Young
Web Designer

“I am forty years old. Until nearly four years ago I had never tried anything like Yoga before. I was mindful of the constant wear of a difficult job and constant excitement of a young and growing family. I was also mindful that I am not as young as I used to be and that I needed to manage both my mind and body for my own wellbeing. I had been aware of this thing called yoga for some time but had no idea what it was or what it could do for me.
Susan was my first teacher. Right from the beginning, through her clear, happy and challenging tuition she has encouraged and developed my practice and taught me seemingly without effort to attain levels of achievement I would not have thought possible previously. Susan brings inclusivity, warmth and a devilish wit to her classes yet clearly has an intimate understanding of yoga practice and is particularly able to communicate this understanding to the class. I am a better, healthier person for all that Susan has taught me.”
Steve Wood
Structural Engineer


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