Yoga For Ultimate Relaxation and Stress Relief
Sunday 7th March 2010

Come along and find out what it means to truly relax. This 2 hour immersion will take you on a journey deep inside, allowing you to let go of day to day stress. We will explore easy ways to find peace inside even at the most turbulent and challenging times. Each posture will take you one breath closer to a feeling of deep relaxation. We will close the workshop with a long an transformational relaxation, also known as ‘Yoga Nidra’. Yoga nidra, is the equivalent of 5 hours of sleep!
Please bring a blanket to cover yourself, a cushion to sit on and for assistance in some postures. It is also advisable to bring warmer layers for later on and perhaps something to cover your eyes during relaxation.


2 thoughts on “Workshops

  1. Kim Ross says:

    Hi Susan
    I would love to come to the workshop on 7th Feb if its appropriate for a beginnner + kinda level?
    Is there a place left?


    • weeyogi says:

      Hi Kim,
      The Primary Series workshop is open to anyone with some experience.
      They may be parts you want to skip, watch or just give a go, but it’s more about coming along and trying out the full sequence to experience it.
      I’ll email you too…
      Susan 🙂

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