"…I feel like chicken tonight…"

Not all wee-yogi posts come as an easy to swallow tit-bit from my life.

We discovered this film while searching through YouTube and were stunned, gob smacked and disgusted by what we saw;
If you can watch this and not be shocked into silence, then you SHOULD be having chicken for dinner tonight…

‘Our Daily Bread’

There is a another way.
For those of you who look for an alternative, below is an example of a more realistic solution to food production…

‘The Future Of Food’

To be inspired, my YouTube channel has many short films depicting digestible ways to go about bringing back real contact with world food production and what arrives on your plate. Check it out!


One thought on “"…I feel like chicken tonight…"

  1. Julie Ritson says:

    Like you Steve and Sue I was disgusted, that poor little chicks where about is that, these girls must have no feelings that they can do a job like that. I couldn’t watch it all it would give me nightmares.

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